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Fully automated trading program (EA)
Fully automatic trading program = strategy stylization + trading automation
Generally newcomers to the market enter the market, learn manual operations, DEMO drills, and take real positions until stable profits. It takes a long time to overcome greed and fear, and not every trader has the right attitude. Through intelligent trading, it helps investors overcome human weaknesses-chase high and kill low, and avoid emotional operations.

What is an Expert Advisor?
The so-called fully automatic trading system (EA), a simple analogy, is an investment robot. This trading system is a computer that simulates the ordering operation of a trader and performs the process of machine trading. The computer will automatically provide you with pre-set trading conditions The results of buying and selling transactions and investments depend on the formulation of automated trading system strategies.
A high-level EA can control risk through precise calculation of the position size, automatically learn market calculus, and self-evolution, completely avoiding the human greedy fear and incorrect mentality.

Hand the transaction to the EA,
Waste time on good things.

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Forex Scalping EA

Neural network EA

Currency-related EA

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Hedge EA

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Multicurrency Martin EA

Single Currency Martin EA

High frequency brush single Martin EA

Early morning scalp EA

Delayed Scalp EA

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